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(1991) 13 tracks: Inveraray Castle * The Green And The Blue * Seann Bhriogais Aig Uilleam * Cearcall A' Chuain (The Ocean's Cycle) * Working Away * The Prince of Wales * Darien * Miss Sarah MacManus * The Devil Uisge Beatha * The Golden Eagle * Farewell To Ravenscraig * I Feel Like Going Home * Farewell My Love.

With this new album Alan Reid (vocals and keyboards) and Alistair Russell (vocals, guitar and cittern) are pleased to welcome Iain MacDonald (Highland pipes, flute and whistle) and John McCusker (fiddle, accordion, keyboards, cittern and whistle) to the band. With them they bring an enviable mixture of musical maturity and youth that will see Battlefield Band lead the way through the 1990's.

"Battlefield Band have a new line-up, a new sound ... and a new album which is certainly their best yet. No mean feat when you consider they've a dozen good ones behind them already." (EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS)

"There are good songs and tunes a plenty: Alan Reid's songs "The Devil Uisge Beatha" and "The Green and the Blue" will assuredly be picked up by others, as will Russell's "Working Away". And there are too many good tunes to mention. Yet another splendid Battlefield Band album to add to your collection." (FOLK ROOTS)

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