Battlefield Band - Leaving Friday Harbor

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(August 1999) Clan CoCo / The Road to Benderloch / Fifteen Stubbies to Warragul * The Last Trip Home * It's Nice To Be Nice / The Auld Toon Band / McCabe's Reel * The Straw Man * Leaving Friday Harbor * The 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio / The Melbourne Sleeper / MacRae's of Linnie * One More Chorus * The Pleasure Will Be Mine * Something for Jamie * The Sisters Reel / Marion and Donald / The Lassie with the Yellow Petticoat / Jesse Ventura's Reel * Logie O'Buchan.

This is the second album from the line up of Alan Reid (keyboards/vocals) * John McCusker (fiddle/whistle/accordion/cittern) * Davy Steele (guitar/bouzouki/bodhran/vocals) and Mike Katz (small and Highland pipes/whistle/bass).

The album has a high proportion of newly composed tunes and songs. Mike Katz has come up with fine and fiery pipe tunes with titles like 'Fifteen Stubbies to Warragul' and 'Jesse 'The Body' Ventura's reel'. John McCusker, prolific as ever, again offers beautiful music including the title track 'Leaving Friday Harbor'.

Davy Steele and Alan Reid have written excellent new songs like 'The Last Trip Home' and 'The Pleasure Will Be Mine'. Mix all this with a new look at great traditional music such as the Mason's Apron, The Sister Reel and songs like Logie O'Buchan and The Straw Man, and you have another classic Battlefield Band Album - a band that leads from the front, while carrying the past with them.

"Quite simply, the Battlefield Band have done it again and created a peach of an album." (Evening News)]

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