Battlefield Band - At The Front

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(1994 - re-release from 1978): Lady Carmichael / Sounth of the Grampians / Mickie Ainsworth * The Bachelor * Ge Do Theid Mi Do M'Leabiadh * The Battle of Harlaw * Jenny Nettles / The Grays of Tongside * Tae the Beggin' * The Tamosher * The Blackbird and the Thrush / The Moray Club * Lang Jonnie Moir * The Brown Milkmaid / Dunnottar Castle / Maid of Glengarry / Disused Railway * The Lady Leroy * Stirling Castle / Earl of Mansfield.

At The Front was recorded for, and released by, Topic in 1978. This incarnation of the band had the stalwarts Alan Reid and Brian McNeill plus fellow Scot Jamie McMenemy and Irishman Pat Kilbride. Again with producer Robin Morton, they turned out a very distinctive album reflecting the tastes and repertoire of the individuals involved. We are pleased to make this excellent recording available again to those who missed it first time round.

"A glorious selection and Robin Morton must be congratulated on his enterprise on making the albums deservedly available on CD. It's nice to see that these classic recordings stand the test of time and will hopefully inspire a whole new generation of young musicians to check out their own heritage." (Celtic Connection)

"instrumental virtuosity mixed with subtlety and creativity ... still shine out, their initial freshness undiminished." (Rock 'n' Reel)

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