Battlefield Band And Guests - Beg & Borrow

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(October 2015)

18 Tracks: Reels: The Five Mile Chase / The Cameronian Reel / The Black Haired Lass / Miss Girdle (with guest Leo McCann) * 6/8's: Drunken Man's Frolic / We Will Go Merrily Sailing / Charlie Over The Water * Song: The Blantyre Explosion (with guest Christine Primrose) * Slow Air & Jig: The Glasgow Lasses / The Scottish Lovers (with guest Leo McCann) * Strathspey/Reels: The Braes Of Mar / Pottinger's Reel / The Baker (with guest John Martin) * Scots Gaelic Song: An Gille Mear (The Gallant Lad) (with guests Christine Primrose and Nuala Kennedy) * Strathspey & Reels: Sporan Dhomhnaill / Mist On The Glen (The Devils Of Dublin) / Miss Monaghan (with guest Nuala Kennedy) * Strathspeys & Reels: Chief Inspector Rod Parker / This Is How The Ladies Dance / Come To The Shealing / Dandy Denny Cronin (with guests Barry Gray and John Martin) * Song: One Night In My Youth (with guest Aaron Jones) * March & Reel: McCarthy's Quickstep / The Drunken Piper (with guest Mike Whellans) * Hornpipe, Jig & Hornpipe: Fingal's Weeping (Fingal's Cave) / Caberfeidh / Gillespie's Hornpipe (The HLI Hornpipe) (with guest Jim Kilpatrick) * Irish Gaelic Song: Mo Bhuachaill Dubh Dhonn (My Brown Haired Boy)(with guests Nuala Kennedy, Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose) * Slow Air: Ellen's Dreams (with guest Alison Kinnaird) * March, Strathspey & Reels: Captain Grant / The Islay Ball / Donal Odhar / An Ceile A Bh’ aig Iain MacEoin * Song: Blooming Caroline From Edinburgh Town * Fling & Reels: The Whole Chicken In The Soup / Largo's Fairy Dance / The Kerryman's Daughter (with guests Don Meade, Tony Demarco and Robin Morton) * Highlands: The Lass Of Killiecrankie / The Ladies Of Gormand / Untitled Highland / The Teelin Highland (with guests Leo MacCann snd John Martin) * Song: The Mickey Dam / The Haughs o’ Cromdale / The Glasgow Hornpipe (with guests Mike Whellans and Robin Morton).

The band are joined by twelve special guests, sharing music shared by the Scottish and Irish traditions.

Scotland and Ireland are separated by twelve miles of water at their nearest point, so it's not surprising that their cultures have begged, borrowed (and maybe even stolen) much from each other over the centuries.

The band and friends explore and play the music and songs shared by these two vibrant cultures.

Our traditions are in safe hands!

"...the cutting edge of modern Scottish folk music …authentic and refreshing …Battlefield Band's melody driven instincts are technically flawless and fabulously entertaining." Piping Today, Celtic Connections.

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