Barbara Dickson And Rab Noakes - Reunited EP

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(May 2014)

6 Tracks: Do Right Woman * (Don't Say) Money Doesn't Matter * The Same Sky * Que Sera Sera * Something's Wrong * Sleepless Nights.

A lovely blend of folk songs, classic pop influences feature on this six track EP from Barbara Dickson and Rab Noakes.

The EP was recorded in an afternoon at John Cavanagh's Muirend ganghut studio.

Their love of music making shines through this recording, acoustic guitars and their unique blend of voices, results in a powerful delivery of their chosen material.

"Friends for nearly 50 years, Barbara and Rab have, with ‘Reunited’, chosen a short collection that represents songs they love and musical directions they've explored together and separately over the years. Aside from the obvious gems on offer, this recording reflects the presence of the lasting relationship between these two outstanding artists, and blends some well-chosen songs into one seriously superb EP." Reviewer: Tim Carroll, Folk Words.

"With two highly distinctive voices and two beautifully-played acoustic guitars performing very memorable songs together, this EP has a timeless feel about it. You only need to play it once to feel like it’s been in your record collection for years. Recorded in a single afternoon, the six tracks recall key moments from their respective musical careers and past collaborations." The Bright Young Folk Review.

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