Babelfish - International Disgrace

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(March 2011) 10 tracks: The Golden Stud * MBT * Sevens * nabO * Giddy * International Disgrace * Little Wing * Nightmare * Aird Onions * Welcome To Babelfish.

Babelfish's music draws on a wide variety of musical influences including jazz, rock, blues and reggae.

Band members have previously played with Peatbog Faeries, Treacherous Orchestra, Box Club, Session A9, Croft No 5 and Blazin' Fiddles.

Jock Urquhart's laid-back poetry is layered over chilled-out fiddle and accordion-led tunes from Adam Sutherland (fiddle), John Somerville (accordion), Andy Thorburn (piano) and Iain Copeland (drums).

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