Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra - Fiddles To The Fore

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(August 2017)

19 Tracks: Canadian Four Step * Fiddlers To The Fore * Irish Session Tunes * Tivoli Waltz * Cajun Fiddlin' On The Bayou * Irish Jigs * Scott Skinner Medley * The Flower Of Portencros * Dashing White Sergeant * Gay Gordons * Jigs * Scandinavian Reels * A Red Red Rose * Hornpipes * Irish Jigs * Reels * Medley * Eightsome Reel * Auld Lang Syne.

The Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra is a collection of dedicated young people who come together to keep alive the traditional music of Scotland.

This latest album features music from their 19th International Tour to America and Canada... a mix of music from America, Canada, Ireland and Scandinavia as well as airs, jigs and reels from our native Scotland.

The Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra was founded in August 1982 by Wallace and Lex Galbraith, both string instrument tutors in Ayrshire in South West Scotland, with the aim of encouraging and developing Scots Fiddle Music among local young musicians many of whom were, or had been their pupils.

The Orchestra has steadily matured since those early beginnings and now has 130 violinists, cellists, bass players and percussionists from 10 to 18 years old. Scots fiddler, and former member of the orchestra, David Moore is now Musical Director of the AFO.

AFO continues to engage, excite and enlighten about Scots music today!

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