Audrey Parks - On The Tip Of My Tongue

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(March 2006) Lucky Me * Granny's Story/A Visit to Granny * Jamie Freel * Brigit's Cloak * A Monk Called Macher * Finn's Wife * Finn and the Blackbirds * The Three Wishes * Columcille * The Truth * The Laird o Co * The Gypsy's Curse * The White Trout * The Wee Christ Cabin of Carn-na-ween * The Grimen * The North Wind * The End of My Tale

Belfast born Audrey Parks is a master storyteller. Audrey loves to work with children, passing on to them the stories that she learnt from her granny. The stories on these CDs are from her family heritage, from friends, and from as far away as Norway.

Resident in Edinburgh for many years, she has a store of Irish and Scottish folktales which range from the myths of ancient Ireland to the urban legends of today.

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