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(February 2007) tracks: Holm Band Tune * Rootan Aboot In The Heather * Naomi Jane's Reel * McLean Of Pennycross * St James Infirmary Blues * Kerri Marie Shearer * The Wild White Swan * Colin's Cattle * Brak Him Up For Spares * Humours Of Brandon * The Weather Man * 5th Flight * Twilight Over Shetland * Rattling Roaring Willie * Carnegie's Welcome To Scotland * The Cuckoo's Nest * Phil The Fluter's Ball * Cootamundra Wattle * Katie Broom Lowthian * The Stone Court * Salmon Nets Of Cowie * Which Way * Fiddle On Fire * Maple Sugar * The McMillin Dubh * Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Day Light.

Twenty five years of Orkney's Attic Records is celebrated with this CD packed full of the finest musicians, singers and bands that have recorded with Attic over those years.

Including Knowe O'Deil Band, Debbie Scott, Fridarey, Hullion, Wyre Band, Kirkwall City Pipe Band, Ronnie Jamieson, Ivan Drever and The Wrigley Sisters.

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