Aryeh Frankfurter - Celtic Harp - Tunes From Ireland, Scotland And Scandinavia

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(March 2019)

14 Tracks: Luke Dillon * Setervise * Kantele Dances * The Fairy Queen * Slangpolska efter Kyss-Kalle * Lordagvisa (Saturday Song) * For Eirinn I Will Not Tell Her Name * Bingsjo-laten efter Hjort Anders Olsson * Halling fra Bjerkreim * Mabel Kelly * Gratarevalsen (The Melancholy Waltz) * Music Of Spey * Polska Efter Ola Lans * Mull Of The Mountains.

A collection of folk tunes for Celtic Harp from Ireland, Scottland and Scandinavia performed by experienced harp player Aryeh Frankfurter.

Released 2005 Arc Music Productions Ltd.

"Frankfurter is not only a wonderful harp player, but an inspired arranger. He breathes new life into some old tunes and introduces plenty more that few people will have encountered." Rambles, J.E.

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