Arthur Cormack - Nuair Bha Mi Og

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(1992) 17 tracks: Failte do'n Eilean Sgiathanach (Hail to the Isle of Skye) * An t-Aodann Ban (Edinbaine) * Nuair Bha Mi Og (When I Was Young) * Puirt a beul (Mouth Music) * Gruagach og an fhuilt bhain (The Young Fair Haired Maiden) * 'S e mo bheachd ort a' Bhais (My Opinions of Death) * Thoir mo shoraidh thar an t-saile (Convey My Farewell Across the Sea) * Gilean ghleann-dail (The Sons of Glendale) * Eilean a' Cheo (The Misty Isle) * Carn air a' mhonadh (The Cairn on the Moor) * Cumha Alasdair dhuinn (Lament for Brown-Haired Alisdair) * Ho ro 'illean na bithemaid tursach (Ho Ro Boys, Lets Not be Sad) * Mo nighean donn nan gobhar (My Brown-Haired Goat-Herder) * An gaol a thug mi og (The Love of My Young Days) * Nach gorach mi gad chaoineadh (How Foolish of Me To Cry For You) * Oran eile air an aobhar cheudna (Another Song on The Same Theme) * Mo ghaol an te nach diobair mi (My Love Who Would Not Forsake Me).

"Arthur Cormack's talent for Gaelic singing has been evident from an early age, when his fine voice and clear delivery were already quite exceptional. These qualities together with his meticulous attention to detail have combined to produce an outstanding Gaelic singer.

Since these early days, Arthur has won many awards including the National Mod Gold Medal (1983), made numerous public performances, broadcast frequently on radio and television, toured as a member of Macmeanmna, with their award-winning show 'Skye - The Island' and opened a music shop, EISD, in his native Skye.

In between these and many other Gaelic-related activities, Arthur has somehow found the time to record these albums which will surely enhance his reputation as one of the leading Gaelic singers of his generation." (D R MacDonald)

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