Archie McAllister - A Fiddler's Tapestry

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(September 2009) The White Swan (Jigs Medley): The Heather Ale Jig / Tipsy Sailor / The White Swan / The Road to Kintyre * The Gathering Storms / The Lowlands of Scotland / Feadan Glan A'Phiobair * The Hills of Lorne * Forbes Morrison / The Nine Pint Coggie / The Brig O'Dee * Boo Baby's Lullaby * The Lakewind Reels Medley: Joey Beaton's / The Periwig / Peter Davidson's Reel / The Doune of Invernochty / Sean Maguire's Reel * The Blaw Jigs (Medley): Glencoe Hall / Roll Out The Snake / Harvey's Fancy / The Barber Shop / Blaw Jig * Ossian * The Milltimber Jig / Priscilla's / Donald MacLean * Jerry Holland's Reels Medley: Dave MacDonald's Wedding Reel / Iggy and Squiggie Reel / Mutt's Favourite / Harry Bradshaw's Reel * Cluny Castle * Brumley Brae / Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie's Reel / The Haddock Inspector's / Birlin in Brittany * The Black Hoe / The Man From North Connel / The Dawning of Effie's Letter * Lachlan Dubh * The Java Reels Medley: The Java Reel / Wolfe's Reel / The Arran Ceilidh / Birlin in Brittany.

A compilation of the best tracks from this champion fiddle player's four previous albums. Superb slow airs and driving jigs and reels, with a variety of top backing musicians.

Archie started playing the fiddle when he was thirteen years old, in his home town of Campbeltown under the tutorage of Maurice Duncan. He is a well known face in the traditional music scene and his distinctive, driving and versatile style earned him a nomination for best instrumentalist in the Trad Music Awards 2004.

"Archie McAllister's fiddling, steeped in West Coast dance tradition, carries a frankness of tone that is extremely effective on slow airs and down right exhilarating at full tilt... Archie is arguably the Scottish folk scene's most exciting live fiddler." (Living Tradition)

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