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(May 2011) 13 tracks: Ord Som Fell * November * Sveve Heim * Pa Sondle * Fornuft Bak Fram * Blank Kaffi * Songen eg skulle ha skreve * Hakestad * Suril Luril * Gron Benk * Nar eg kjeme heim * Eit Minne * Till Till Tove

Annlaug's music is a mixture of Norwegian Folk Music and her own compositions, all within an influence of folk/roots and pop/rock.

Her great fascination of music from the British Isles has taken her on frequent journeys across the North Sea to explore, learn and take part in the music from Scotland and the northern isles. This is her debut album, recorded in Scotland.

Her musical versatility is evident in the diversity of styles. Rock, Americana, folk and traditional flavors are married beautifully on this album. The songs are in the native tongue of her picturesque home village of Ulvik, on a fjord inland from Bergen, but she has provided a lyric booklet translated into English.

Annlaug (vocals, acoustic guitar, hardangerfiddle, shruti-box), Mattie Foulds (drums, percussion), Steven Polwart (acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, ukulele), Kevin McGuire (double bass), Inge Thomson (backing vocals, accordion), Martin Green (accordion), Anna Massie (acoustic guitar), Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle) Mr McFalls Chamber - Claire Sterling (violin), Robert McFall (violin), Jane Atkins (viola), Su-a-Lee (cello). String arrangements - Kim Edgar, Producer - Mattie Foulds.

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