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(January 2017)

13 Tracks: Simon Thoumire's * Fear A' Bhata * Toss The Feathers * The Hills Of Glenorchy * Black Is The Colour * Donald, Willie And His Dog * Kate Martin's / Margaret's Waltz * Pipe Major Jim Christie Of Wick * The Tropper And The Maid * Annie MacDonald's Piano * Strathspey Fun * The Flower Of Magherally * Tongadale Reel.

A debut album showcasing Edinburgh based Scottish ceilidh band Annasach.

The album features a selection of the bands favourite tunes and songs.

Annasach (Gaelic for unusual, unconventional) are a four piece Scottish ceilidh band, which includes a dedicated dance caller.

Since 1990 they have been playing for ceilidhs, parties, birthdays, folk festivals and weddings throughout the UK, Ireland, Guernsey, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and USA!

The sound of the band has a more folk based slant rather than traditional ceilidh with the current line-up being fiddle, keyboard and bass.

This provides an energetic, vibrant sounding front line mixed with a forceful, funky piano and bass back line.

Yvette Rosie (fiddle), Andrew Elders (piano), Colin J Wilson (bass/bodhran), Tricia Wilson (vocals, dance caller).

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