Anne Chaurand - Celtia

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(1996) 17 tracks: Eliziza: Avel-Dro * Glao War an Doen * An Dro: Gavotien ar Menez * Dances from Peter Pan * Improvisations on Calderon * Da Mihi Manum * Le Canon Courante de Gaultier * When She Came beb She Bobbit * Callanish V * A Port / Corne Yairds / A Daunce * The Fairy King * Eleanor Plunkett / Morrison's Jig * Bone on the Beach * Bird Legend * Comme un Hommage a Ravel * Tango en Skai * Oidche Mhath Leibh.

Annw Chaurand with Steve Lawrence, Rosemary Lock, Gerry Porter and Steve Sutcliffe.

Debut album from this outstanding classical guitarist which features arrangements of Celtic material alongside pieces by Scottish and Breton composers, played on guitar and lute. Music from Scotland, Ireland and Brittany.

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