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19 Tracks: Island Medley * An T-Eilean Muileach * Ghleann Bhaile Chaoil * 2/4 Marches * An Ataireachd Ard * Fagail Liosmor * Saoil An Till Mi Chaoidh * Jig/Reel * Tom An T-Searrach * Island Chorus * Eilean Scalpaidh Na Hearradh * Peigi Ghradh * 2/4 And 6/8 Marches * Caoira * Loch Eite * Fagail Chluaidh * Retreat Marches * Eilidh * Ribhinn Choibheil / Eilean Sgitheanach Nam Buadh.

A collection of favourite Traditional Gaelic songs and Scottish tunes sung by Angus MacKay.

Angus is accompanied by John Carmichael on accordion.

Originally released in 2017.

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