Angus Lyon - Long Road

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(2001) 13 tracks (54 mins): Angel of the South Side * Reels: Carmel Mahoneys / The Gathering Storms / The Arran Ceilidh / Liz Kane * Never Be the Sun * 9/8s: Stuck in Port Askaig / Cold Chips * The Last Stand * 10,000 Miles * The Long Road Home * Reels: The Penguin / The Ankle Biters / Lord MacDonald * Hardington Mains * Jigs: Wee Cammy Black / Jake's Jig / Kennedy's Rampage * Don't Go * Reels: Johny Muise Reel / Inside Oot Fish Eaters Reel / Barry's Trip to Paris / Flat Footed Angus * Mr Lee Wolfe and the Blue Rangers.

Angus Lyon (accordion, keyboards, piano) with Steve Lawrence (guitars, bouzouki, percussion), Marc Duff (whistles, wind synth, bodhran, recorder), Alistair McCulloch (fiddle), Fraser Spiers (harmonica), Wendy Weatherby (cello), Andy Allan, Stuart Glasgow, Deepak Baal (bass), Ross Kennedy (guitar), John Wright (vocals) and Michelle Grehan (vocals).

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