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(February 2013) 8 tracks: Generation One: The Firm Of WR Angus * End Of An Era * Quothquan Mill * Generation Two: L1097 * Compliments To Archie McConnell * Generation Three: The Stone Call * One More Time With Feeling * The Stone Call (Full Band).

Angus composed and recorded this CD as a commission for the Celtic Connections New Voices series.

The music reflects three generations of his family who have worked the farm for the last 60 years.

Angus is one of Scotland's most innovative and original accordionists; recognised for mixing his classical background with the Scottish tradition. He is joined by some other great musicians to create a superb album.

3G was commissioned by Celtic Connections for the New Voices series in 2011.

Angus Lyon (accordion, piano, rhodes), Adam Bulley (archtop guitar), Alyn Cosker (drums), Fraser Fifield (Saxophone, whistle), James Lindsay (bass), Duncan Lyall (double bass), Chas Mackenzie (electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Anna Massie (acoustic guitar, banjo), Iain Sandilands (vibraphone), Innes Watson (fiddle).

"The idea behind this music was to explore the notion that a lot of who you are comes from those who went before you. The older I get the more this comes true. Like each generation of a family these three parts of music have their own individual voices and ideas but are ultimately influenced by what's happened before. So much has changed in the world in the space of only three generations and I wanted to include that change in the style and attitude of the different parts." Angus Lyon.

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