Angus Fitchet - The Legendary Angus Fitchet

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(November 2006) 14 tracks: Jigs: Elizabeth Adair / Donald Ian Rankine / My Dungannan Sweetheart / The Shakin’ of the Piggery * Barn Dance: Millbank Cottage / Captain Carswell * Scottish Waltz: My Heart is Sair’ / Auld Scotch Sangs / The Nameless Lassie / Annie Laurie * Two Step: The Dancing Dustman * Violin Solo: Melody for Jim McFarlane / The Joan Blue March * Polka: The Mary Smith Polka * Selected Reels : J B Milne / Donald Stewart the Piper / Norman Whitelaw / The Miller * Band Selection: The Jack Cooper March / John Stephen of Chance Inn / Rhoda McFadyen * St Bernard’s Waltz: Lerwick Waltz * Hornpipes: Robertson’s Hornpipe / Cooper’s Hornpipe / The College Hornpipe / Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe * Strathspeys: Golden Harvest / A Fitchet’s Comps. To Ian Powrie / The Lass of Corries Mill / Mrs Agnes Watt * Accordion Solo: Scott Skinner’s Cradle Song / Reel the Thrums Cairn * Gay Gordons: Miss Delicia Chisholm / Gay Gordons * Jigs: The Stool of Repentance / Jackson’s Jig / The Maids on the Green / The Frost is all over.

Angus Fitchet of Dundee was one of Scotland's foremost fiddlers and bandleaders.

He was also a versatile musician whose experience ranged from village dances to network television shows, accompanying international guest artists.

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