Andy May - Happy Hours

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(April 2009) 13 tracks: Swearybox * Regular Climber Set * All Night Long * Five Four * Nine Eight * Ellington * James Hill Set * Arethusa * Pipes Duet * Happy Hours * One Miner's Life * The Countess Of Galloway Set * Muineiras.

The young master of the Northumbrian pipes presents his second album of traditional and self-penned tunes, with an impeccable display of virtuosity.

Andy May (Northumbrian pipes, piano) with Ian Stephenson (guitar, double bass), Sophy Ball (fiddle), Julien Batten (accordion), Andrew Davison (Northumbrian pipes) and Benny Graham (vocals).

"The best of the younger pipers by far..." (Northumbrian Smallpipes Encyclopaedia)

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