Margaret Callan - An Lorg nam Bard (In the Footsteps of the Bards)

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(April 2003) 12 tracks: Bun an Ròdha * Comunn Uibhist agus Bharraigh * Oran Peighinn nan Aoireann * Moladh Uibhist * Cha’n Iongnadh Mi * Bhith Tùrsach * Oran Molaidh do Ghilleasbaig Og Heisgir * A Mhàiri Bhòidheach * Horo tha mi Smaointinn * Sgiobaireachd * Marbhrann do dh’fhear Airigh Mhuilinn * Oran nan Stocainnean * Ho Ro Iollaraigh.

Margaret Callan (vocals) with Seumas Campbell, Mary MacMillan and Gillebrìde MacMillan (vocals). Traditional Gaelic Singing from the Uists - the southern part of the Western Isles or Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Booklet contains full song lyrics in Gaelic and English.

Margaret Callan is from Claddach Kirkibost in North Uist. She won the Gold Medal for traditional singing at the National Mod in 1994 and is a member of the waulking song group Bannal. Margaret is also a piper and taught Pibroch Songs at the Ceòlas summer school in South Uist in 2002.

Her first album, Faileasan Uibhist (Reflections of Uist), was released in 1999. She is currently a postgraduate student at the Dept of Celtic and Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, where her research topic is North Uist’s oral tradition.

"A collection of Gaelic songs by Uist bards, many of whom did not receive recognition beyond their homeland, although their works were worthy of it. The songs embrace many subjects, styles, genres and emotions, thus being a reflection of the islands and of the people who lived in the bards’ generation. We hope that by bringing these songs into the public domain they will be sung and not forgotten." (Margaret Callan)

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