Padraigin Ni Uallachain - An Dara Craiceann (Beneath The Surface)

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15 tracks: Na Tar Ach San Oiche * Eireoidh Me Amarach * A Oganaigh Oig * Nach Aoibhinn Don Eanlaith * Eirigh A Shineid * Uirchill A' Chreagain * An Bad Si * Ta An Oiche Seo Dorcha * A Bhean Udai Thall * Ta Daoine Ag Ra * A Mhuire 'S A Ri * An Bhean Chaointe * Coillte Glas A' Triucha * Ta Se In Am Domsa Eiri * A Chara Dhilis.

'Big Songs' from the Irish Gaelic tradition sung in sean-nos style with instrumental accompaniment. Includes comprehensive booklet.

Garry O' Briain (mandocello, mandolin, keyboards), Seamus McGuire (fiddle), Manus McGuire (fiddle), Jackie Daly (accordion), Adel O' Dwyer (cello), Jimmy Faulkener (guitars) and Martin Murray (mandolin).

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