An Audience With The Shepherds

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(August 2015)

16 Tracks: Dance De Chez Nous / Aunty Mary's Canadian Barndance / Neil Taylor's Jig (The Shepherds) * Tombigbee Waltz / The Glakey Hornpipe (The Shepherds) * Bonny Cragside / Little Jenny (Joe Hutton) * Roxburgh Castle / Hesleyside / The Spootiskerry (The Shepherds) * Duke Of Fife's Welcome To Deeside / Skinner's Compilments To Dr MacDonald ( Will Atkinson) * Elsey's Waltz / Breamish (The Shepherds) * Tich's Reel / The Pearl Wedding / Nancy Taylor's Reel (Willie Taylor)* Morpeth Rant / Jock Wilson O' Fenton / Cheviot Rant (The Shepherds) * Alistair J. Sim (Willie Taylor And Will Atkinson) * Whittle Dene Hornpipe / Remember Me / The Rowley Burn (Joe Hutton) * Rothbury Hills / Swindon (The Shepherds) * Patchwork Polka (Willie Taylor) * Captain Norman Orr Ewing / Redford Cottage (Joe Hutton And Will Atkinson) * Loch Ruan / Farewell To The Dene / Nancy Clough (The Shepherds) * A Trip To Bavaria / Bill Sutherland's / Kenmay House (Will Atkinson And Tom Gilfellon) * Caddam Woods / 72nd Highlanders' Farewell To Edinburgh / Belfast Reel (The Shepherds).

Live recordings of Northumberland's finest traditional musicians playing fiddle, smallpipes and mouth organ.

Joe Hutton, Will Atkinson and Willie Taylor all worked as shepherds in Northumberland, and were related.

They played together during the late 1980s and early 1990s, they had a huge following outside their native homeland and travelled all over England playing at concerts, clubs and festivals.

They were led initially by concertina player Alistair Anderson.

They played in a style which was firmly rooted in the traditions of the North East Of England.

Joe Hutton (smallpipes), Will Atkinson (mouth organ) and Willie Taylor (fiddle)

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