An Audience with Crooked Jack and Billy McGuire

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21 tracks: The Bonnie Lass O Fyvie / The Barnyards O Dalgety * It's Good To See You * Alan McPherson of Mosspark / The Auld Fiddler * The Massacre at Glencoe * The Continental Ceili * Sook Blaw * Mary Mack * Heart Song * John McMillan Meets the Cajuns * When I'm 64 * Don't Call Me Early in the Morning * The Red Rose Cafe * I'm My Own Grandpa * Chinese Melodeon Set: The Royal Scots Polka / The Fairy Dance * Piper O Dundee * A The Wye Fae Dysart * Love is Teasing * The Pheasant Plucker * Rolling Home * The Atholl Highlanders / Mrs McLeod's Reel.

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