Alyth McCormack - People Like Me

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(March 2009) 13 tracks (57 mins): Nuair Bha Mi Og * The Queen And The Soldier * The Vices Set (Puirt) * The Beautiful Lie * Dh'Fhag E Gun Chadal Am Dhusgadh Mi * Neptune * A Mhairead Og * Till Morning Will Come * Chaidil Mi Raoir Air An Airigh * I Wonder What's Keeping My Love Tonight * A Smuggler's Prayer * Mo Ghaol Oigfhear A Chuil Duinn * People Like Me.

Alyth McCormack (vocals) with Brian McAlpine (piano, accordion), Jonny Hardie (guitar, fiddle), Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle), Fraser Fifield (saxophone, whistle), Gerald Peregrine (cello), Ewan Vernal (bass), Noel Eccles (percussion), Donald Hay (drums), Justin Currie and Jonny Hardie (vocals).

Including songs by Boo Hewerdine, Suzanne Vega and Justin Currie of Del Amitri.

"She’s not a folkie... Her musical education and influences are too wide to sit in that, or any other, ghetto..." (The List)

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