Alyth McCormack and Triona Marshall - Red Gold

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(January 2012) 11 tracks: Crazyman Michael * Chicago Rain * Breisleach (Delirium) * The Sea Is So Huge * An T-Iarla Diurach (The Earl Of Jura) * One In A Million * The Mason's Apron * Mar A Tha (The Way It Is) * Uamh An Oirr (The Cave Of Gold) * As Long As You Remember Me * The Saw Set (Mouth Music).

From the heartland of Ireland to the shores of the Island of Lewis off the Scottish coast, a beautiful blend of harp music and song.

Triona and Alyth came together having toured with The Chieftains over the last few years and have now created a magical duet.

Alyth McCormack (vocals|), Triona Marshall (harp), Jonny Hardie (fiddle, guitar), Cammy Maxwell (double bass), Noel Eccles (percussion).

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