Alyth McCormack - An Iomall (The Edge)

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(October 2000) 12 tracks: Hi Horo * A Mhairead Og * MacCrimmon * Mo Thruaigh * MhicShiridh * O Mo Dhuthaich * The Selkie * Tha Mulaidh * Bothan * A Fhleasgaich Oig * Mar A Tha * Dheannain Sugradh.

Debut album from Alyth of traditional Gaelic song with arrangements influenced by jazz and world music, a blend of a pure, age-old, simple style of singing balanced against an accompaniment of cutting edge contemporary style. Produced by Jim Sutherland.

Alyth's appearances include the Canadian / BBC TV production Celtic Electric, a touring production with Tosg in Beul nam Breug and in New Voices for Andy Thorburn, which was recently recorded. She also had a starring role in Rhythms of the Celts, which toured in Norway and Ireland and played a two week season in Edinburgh.

Since winning the Gold Medal at the National Gaelic Mod in October 1997, Alyth has sung at many venues throughout the UK. She has promoted Celtic Music in Sweden in the company of Phil Cunningham. Alyth's first venture into recording was with the group The Colour of Memory. On their album The Old Man and the Sea, she wrote the lyrics for all the Gaelic tracks as well as singing and vocalising in Gaelic and English.

"I come from the Isle Of Lewis and I loved being raised there. Lewis is exposed and weather-torn and this is evident in its culture, but it is also beautiful and compelling * in this album I wanted to express these extremes which are also inherent in Gaelic songs and Gaelic culture." (Alyth McCormack)

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