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(August 2010) 11 tracks (42 mins): St Ninian's Isle / Da Wattle O't / John Spence of Uyeasound * Flatwater Fran * By Dundas Loch * Munster Buttermilk / Mrs O' Sullivan's * Tam's Old Love Song / Tam The Gun * Waltz For Father / Waltz After Olle Falk * Annalese Bain / Phil Cunningham's Reel / Andy Brown's Reel * White Rose Waltz * Hunter's Hill / C M Hall * Mrs Jameson's Favourite * The Queensferry Cooper / Derry Cunningham's Jig.

The enormously popular and entertaining fiddle and accordion duo of Aly and Phil, who have toured and recorded several albums together since 1988.

Aly Bain is Scotland's supreme traditional-style fiddler. His playing is unique - driving, impassioned and pure - with vibrant, unmistakable tone that has earned him a following of ardent fans throughout the world. He has received many honours for his services to music, including four Doctorates, an MBE and numerous Honorary Citizenships in the USA. He continues to be an ambassador for Scotland abroad, and a powerful advocate for traditional music.

Ex-Silly Wizard multi-instrumentalist Phil Cunningham is a superb, innovative musician, with not simply the fastest fingers in the West but some of the most sensitive ones too. He combines performing with an inpressive range of other creative work as a recording producer, composer, and television and radio presenter. He is also an MBE!

Aly Bain (fiddle) and Phil Cunningham (accordion, whistles, piano, cittern, mandolin) with Stuart Nisbet (pedal steel guitar), Jenn Butterworth (guitar), Euan Burton (bass) and Gordon Smith (drums).

"Simply the best traditional musicians you are ever likely to hear..." (Glasgow Herald)

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