All Along The Wall

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(January 2011) 23 tracks (1h 17mins): All Along The Wall * Church Of Stolen Stones * The Roman Wall Wasn't Built In A Day * Dear Friend * Other Side Of The Wall * The Age Of Wind And Stone * Mostly Dreich * Haltwhistle Women * End Of The World * Opposite Sides Of The Wall * Rock Of Gelt * Blessing * Lizzie Batey * A War * Hadrian * The Wrong Side Of The Wall * Cursing Stone * Curse * Romanitus * Galloway Girl * North Of The Border * Bowness Bells * Walk On The Wild Side.

A songwriting project based on Hadrian's Wall, featuring Border and North of England songwriters and poets.

Five highly regarded songwriters - Jez Lowe, Boo Hewerdine, Julie Matthews, Ruth Notman and Rory McLeod - plus two poets well-known to BBC Radio 4 listeners (Kate Fox and Elvis McGonagall) gathered for five days in a farmhouse close to the Roman wall, to write a cycle of songs and poems.

At the end of the week they gave the songs a public performance, which resulted in this live CD.

The songs and poems are contemporary, relevant to today with a hint of history, and deal with the area around Hadrian's Wall as well as the wall itself.

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