Alison Kinnaird - The Scottish Harp

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16 tracks: Rory Dall's Port * Grantown-on-Spey (Baile Nan Granndach) * Bas Alastruim (The Death of Alasdair) * McAllistruim's March * Ellen's Dreams * Carrill's Lament * The Keiking Glasse * The Braidwood Waits * The Kid On The Mountain * McLoud's Salute * Cumh Easbig Earraghail (The Bishop of Argyle's Lament) * Port Atholl * Cro Cinn t-Saile * The Kilbarchan Weaver * The Conundrum * Lady Lvingstone * Dunkeld Steeple * Balfour Village * Shapinsay Polka * Ring of Crystal, Ring of Stone.

This compilation CD includes tracks taken from Alison's previous three records - The Harp Key, The Harper's Gallery and The Harper's Land - plus three new recordings. Alison's records were the first to bring attention to the repertoire of the Scottish harp and to give the instrument a solo rather than an accompanying role.

She continues to stress the importance of playing harp tunes rather than simply playing tunes on a harp. A must for all interested in the harp and for those looking for music that has charm and beauty.

"A joy to listen to and a good buy for both the 'converted harpy' and those who may be a bit wary of buying an album of solo harp music." (Taplas)

"The quality of playing in these modern arrangements of old tunes showing a 'living tradition' shines through on compact disc." (Shire Folk)

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