Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose - The Quiet Tradition

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Christine Primrose - Gaelic Singer Of The Year - MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2009

15 tracks: Oran Do Mhac Leoid Dhun Bheagain (Song to MacLeod of Dunvegan) * O'N Chuir Mo Leannan Culaibh Rium (Since My Darling Turned From Me) * Do Chrochadh A Thoill Thu (You Deserve To Be Hanged) * Da Mihi Manum (Give Me Your Hand) * Tha Mi Fo Churam (I Am Full of Care) * Cailleach An Dudain (The Old Woman Of The Mill-Dust) * O 'S Toil 'S Gu Ro Thoil Leam (O I Like, I Do Like) * Cumha Crann Nan Teud (The Lament For The Harp Key) * Tha Thide Agam Eirigh (It Is Time For The Harp Key) * The Crags of Ailsa / Staffa's Shore * An Smeorach (The Thrush) * The Song-Thrush / The Mistle-Thrush * Tha Na H-Uain Air An Tulaich (The Lambs Are On The Hillock) * Port Lennox * Bean Mhic A' Mhaoir (The Wife Of The Bailiff's Son) * Sneachd Heisgeir (The Snows Of Heiskeir) / Sleepy Maggie * Mo Ghaol Oigfhear (My Dear Young Man).

Music of the Scottish harp and songs of the Scottish Gael.

Alison Kinnaird and Christine Primrose are already well-known as outstanding solo performers in their respective fields of traditional Gaelic song and Scottish harp music.

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