Alex Hodgson - The Brig Tae Nae Where

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(August 2014)

14 Tracks: The Street O' Sorrows * Bonnie Meg * The Guid Auld Trams * Doon Pinkie Cleugh * The Herring Road (Part 1) * The Brig Tae Nae Where * The Herring Road (Part 2) * Star O' The East * A Summer Tale * The Herring Road (Part 3) * My Luv' Is Like A Red, Red Rose * The Shoals O' Herring * We’ve Lost A Lark * The Toun O' Prestonpans.

This is the second Greentrax album by the Prestonpans (East Lothian) singer/songwriter Alex Hodgson.

Twelve tracks on this album were self-penned by Alex, in addition one by Robert Burns and Ewan MacColl.

Alex is a hugely popular singer and entertainer in Scotland, much in demand, and has on several occasions sang for the Queen at Balmoral Castle.

Alex has also sung in the Scottish Parliament, on BBC Radio Scotland, and, further afield, in South Africa and Malaysia.

He has been a finalist in ‘Burnsong’ twice and has written many fine songs.

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