Alastair McDonald - Through Scotland In Song

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19 tracks (each with additional track of spoken introduction): Scots Wha Ha'e * Glencoe Massacre * Ten Wee Wimmin * Loch Lomond * The Puffers * Macrimmon's Lament * Hail To The Chief * The Deil's Awa' * Waters of Loch Tay * Killiecrankie * The Gallawa' Hills * Twa Corbies * Requiem/Skye * The Lugton Dug * Kismuil's Gallery * White Wings * Cam Ye By Atholl? * Hie Johnny Cope * Culloden's Harvest.

Bannockburn, Glencoe, Loch Lomond and all points North - Alastair McDonald puts his great knowledge of Scottish music at everyone's disposal on this CD of Scottish classics of every kind.

From the obvious greats such as Scots Wha Ha'e and Kismuil's Galley, through the more contemplative Gallawa' Hills and Johnny Cope, Alastair provides an additional introduction to each song. This social and musical history serves to enhance this collection of already great Scottish songs.

Alastair sings and plays guitar, banjo and mandolin, and is accompanied by percussion, keyboards, bass and pipes.

With musicians Clark Sorley, David Pringle, David Murricaine, Ronnie Rae, Duncan MacFadyen, Larry Primrose and Murray Smith.

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