Alastair McDonald - Tam Lin and Other Celtic Legends

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(July 2008) 23 tracks: Tam Lin * Loch Ness Monster * William Wallace * Lament for Mary, Queen of Scots * Rose of Allandale * Royal Chairlie * Puddo s Wedding * Great Silkie of Suleskerry * Caveman s Saturday Night * Blows the Wind Today * Rob Roy McGregor O * Dream Angus * Midges * The Highland Seer * Portree Kid * The Minstrel Sleeps * Mighty Munro * Land of the Leal * Helen of Kirkconnell * Burke, Hare & Knox * The Shepherd o Ettrick * The Destiny Stane * Golden Apples of the Sun (Wandering Aengus).

From the pages of history and lore - Scottish legends in fact and fantasy.

Inspired by the writing of Robert Burns, Lady Nairn, Robert Louis Stevenson and anonymous authors.

Featuring the Scottish Border ballad Tam Lin, a tale of a girl's love for her sweetheart enslaved in service to the evil Fairy Queen, in which she is prepared to face the powers of darkness in order to save him back to the world of mortals - a stirring tale of true and sacrificial love, defeating evil and enslavement.

Also on this generous collection, other songs of heroes and legends from history, fable, literature and romance.

Alastair MacDonald (vocals) with musicians Dave Pringle, Dave Murricane, Ronnie Rae and Murray Smith.

This is a reissue of Heroes & Legends Of Scotland, with additional tracks.

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