Alastair McDonald - River For Peace - Songs of Peace and Justice

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(June 2013) 12 tracks: Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes * Roll Jordan / Peace Like A River * Andorra * Johnny I Hardly Knew You * No Trident * Strangest Dream * Bring Him Home (Wars of Germanie) * Bells Of Rhymney * Join The Army / Sergeant Where's Mine * 0 The Recruitin' Sergeant * Gone For A Soldier (Shule Aroon) * Sunday Night.

A refreshing collection of 'Songs of Peace' from Alastair, one of Scotland's fine and well established performers.

Alastair McDonald has been a performer on a full time basis since 1970 and has travelled not only his native Scotland, but has taken his own style of musical entertainment all over the world.

He is probably best known as "...the folk singing jazz banjo-player from Scotland..."

"A collection of songs in pursuit of that most elusive of concepts - PEACE...this collection seeks to offer HOPE. No song can ever adequately addess personal problems and fears, only exhort us to look at ourselves and set our sights (if that's not unfortunate metaphor!) on Higher things. (Finlay Cameron 2013).

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