Alastair McDonald - Old Scotia's Shores

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(April 2003) 22 tracks: Falioro We`re Sailing * The Puffers * Silkie of Suleskerry * Get Up, Get Out * Sea Wife * The Waverley * Silver Darlings * Mermaid`s Tale * Iona Rowing Song * North Sea Oil * Old Ailsa Craig * Carls o` Dysart * The Wee Ferries * Fareweel tae Tarwathie * Pack Your Tools and Go * White Wings * Maids of New England * Jamie Foyers * Queen o` the Clyde * Settler`s Lament * Bonnie Ship the Diamond * Requiem.

Alastair McDonald sings the songs of the ships that ply round Scotland, and the crews that man them.

With a range from The Silkie Of Suleskerry and The Iona Rowing Song, through to the modern day North Sea Oil, this CD covers the danger, the romance, and the love associated with the hard maritime life.

With Clarke Sorley, Ronnie Rae and Murray Smith accompanying.

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