Alastair McDonald - Life, Liberty And Laughter

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(April 2011) 20 tracks: Messing About On The River * Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl * Doesn't Matter Anymore * Get Up & Go * Handsome Nell * Putting On The Style * Farewell To Nova Scotia * The Year That's Awa' * BraveScot * Bully Of The Town * Nobody Loves Like An Irishman * My Father Was A farmer * Friendship * Sinner Man * The Prune Song * Tree Of Liberty * Woad * Salty Dog * The Slave's Lament * Wimoweh.

Banjo in hand here comes the multi-talented Alastair McDonald, as happy and tuneful as ever.

His love of Jazz tinges some of the traditional songs, and is given full force on some of the other songs.

Another great album.

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