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(September 2008) 12 tracks: The Inverness Gathering * In Memory Of Herbie MacLeod * Dickie MacPherson MacDonald * Crann-tara * Cabar Feidh Gu Brath * The Heroes Of St Valery * The Earl Of Seaforth's Salute * Alex MacEachern * Islay's Charms * Lochbroom * Lady Madelina Sinclair * Chaneil Mo Leannan Ann An Seo.

Pipe Major Alasdair Gillies is a legend in the piping world with an amazing record of competition successes. He was the last Pipe Major of the Queen's Own Highlanders.

Here he shows his skills on a dozen varied tracks of ceol beag and ceol mor.

Pipe Major Alasdair Gillies is a piper with a dedicated following both in his native Scotland and his adopted country, the United States. A formidable performer on the competition platform, Alasdair Gillies is a much admired interpreter of the classics, ceòl beag and ceòl mòr. He can also thrill a concert audience with a demonstration of virtuosity and brilliance in the less formal type of music with its intricate and demanding technique.

Lochbroom illustrates that it is still possible to captivate an audience with a programme of good tunes played well and interpreted sympathetically. Experienced pipers and younger players will find much to enjoy.

Lochbroom is the name of the parish where Alasdair's father the late Pipe Major Norman Gillies took him to live at the age of eleven.

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