Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas - Fire And Grace

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Scots Trad Music Awards 2004 Album Of The Year.

(May 2004) 13 tracks: Calliope Meets Frank * Stirling Castle Set * Josefin’s Waltz * St Kilda Wedding / Brose and Butter * The Scandinavian * Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch * The Sailor’s Wife / The Lads of Duns * Shetland Set * Prince Charles’ Last View of Scotland * The Duchess * Rob Roy Crosses The Minch * Da Slockit Light * The High Reel Set.

Alasdair Fraser is one of Scotland’s leading exponents of the fiddle and has great stage presence. He has made many recordings both solo and with his group Skyedance.

He is joined on this album by Natalie Haas, a stunning cellist from America, who has been touring with Alasdair. Natalie has been playing the cello under Alasdair's guidance for six years, and the two of them bring back the old style of string power to Scottish music - driving rhythms, melodic nuance and rich harmonies.

"...celebrating the rhythmic soul of Scottish music" (Scotland on Sunday)

"This duo has certainly produced something very special, musically tuned to each other with a definite psychic bond. An outstanding CD throughout" (Box and Fiddle)

"...light years ahead of the standard session style" (The Rake's Progress)

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