Alan Reid - Recollection - Songs of Scotland's Martyrs, Rogues and Worthies

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(February 2011) 18 tracks (1h 11 mins): The Road of Tears * The Pleasure Will Be Mine * The Devil's Courtship * The Green And The Blue * The Dear Green Place * The Riccarton Tollman's Daughter * The Green Plaid * Love No More * Jenny O' The Braes * The Gallant Grahams * Allan McLean * The River * I Am The Common Man * Three Brothers * Jock The Can * Whit Can A Lassie Dae? * The Arran Convict * Christ Has My Hart Ay.

A compilation from the singer-songwriter and long-time frontman of Battlefield Band - his own personal favourite songs.

Alan Reid joined Battlefield Band in 1969, at a time when they were morphing from a covers band into a folk group. They quickly became pre-eminent in the emerging Scottish traditional music scene, becoming established firmly at the forefront.

Alan travelled the world with the group on every step of their journey, which along the way saw them declared 'a national treasure', and has been involved in recording over thirty albums. Over these years, while other members came, honed their talents and moved on to develop solo careers, Alan remained in the keyboard engine room as the 'father and son' of Battlefield Band. In 2010, after four decades, he decided that it was time to bow out in order to develop his writing and follow other musical paths and partnerships.

Alan's songwriting is held in high regard by his peers and his songs cover a great range of subjects and emotions. His muse has led him from broad, sweeping historical ballads to perceptive character studies and engaging love songs. These songs have been an important part of Battlefield Band's repertoire, and this album highlights some of his personal favourites. They are fine pieces of writing and a record of a distinguished (and continuing) career in Scottish music.

Also featuring Davy Steele, John McCusker, Karine Polwart, Kate Rusby, Brian McNeill, Mike Katz, Alasdair White, Sean O'Donnell, Ged Foley, Duncan MacGillivray, Alastair Russell, Eric Rigler, Iain MacDonald, Jenny Clark and Gillian MacDonald.

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