Alan Bell - The Cocklers (Songs From A Time And Place)

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(January 2017)

12 tracks: Skipper On The Shore * Song Of Time * The Bomber * There Was A Day * Farewell Harry Patch * White Sands Of Morar * The Cocklers * Sambos’ Song * The Lord Middleton * Francoise In Flanders * The Wyre Waterside * The Minstrel.

Alan Bell is a veteran singer and songwriter from North-West England.

On this album he is accompanied by members of his Alan Bell Band. The songs are based on various subjects relating mainly to the North-West of England.

His best-known songs, amongst many, are Windmills and Bread And Fishes - the latter was recorded in several countries and was a hit in Japan. He also wrote for a number of radio and TV productions.

Alan was a member of the famous Blackpool Taverners Folk Group who performed in clubs, concerts, on radio and television and released four LPs. They also sang at a Royal Command Performance.

This is an excellent companion to Alan’s previous Greentrax album – ‘The Definitive Collection’ (CDTRAX285).

Alan Bell (lead vocals), Andrew Green (guitar), Eddie Green (bass, guitar), Sue Jennings (fiddle), Nancy Langton (accordion), Becky Hoyle (voice over), Chris Carter (piano, snare drum).

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