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(October 2006) 11 tracks: Again * Fusion * Rustic * Move * Frantic Pace * Cycles * Hangover Haze * Trapped * The Mist * Forgotten * Memory Of A Love.

An album of contemporary Scottish poetry by Aidan McEoin from the Isle of Skye, merged with music composed by Iain Copeland (Peatbog Faeries) and Seamus MacLennan.

With guest performances from a whole gaggle of Scottish-based musicians, this is an album of varied and eclectic flavour.

Sax, whistle, assorted strings, feet, drums, bass and samples make up the ambient backing to this vocal analysis of life and love.

Aidan McEoin (voice, lyrics) with Seamus MacLennan (mandola, mandolin, guitar, FX), Iain Copeland (drums, samples, keyboards, guitar, FX), Peter Morrison (whistle), Nigel Hitchcock (saxophone), Alison MacLeod (stepdance), Trondar Gunnerson and Trigwie Stromveld (guitar) and Fraser Shaw (whistle).

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