Adam Sutherland - What A Story A Pair Of Boots Could Tell

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(October 2019)

Eight fantastic duet arrangements in a traditional style by Adam Sutherland inspired by the story of mountain rescue in the Cairngorms.

This illustrated book of music was composed as a tribute to the mountain rescue in the Cairngorms.

The compositions are by Adam Sutherland the well known Highland fiddler, and were inspired by interviews with key local individuals and the history of the Braemar Mountain Rescue Team.

The Volunteer's March (March)
Spirit Of Braemar (Waltz)
To A Grouse (6/8 March)
427 Million Years (Very Slow Reel)
The White Room (Slow Reel)
Maps And Compasses (March)
Inspector John Duff Of Braemar Mountain Rescue (Strathspey)
In Praise Of The Braes (Reel).

A4, 28 pages with Chords and Staff notation

"This emotional, evocative new body of work was commissioned by St Margaret's, Braemar as a musical and visual tribute to mountain rescue in the Cairngorms and the selfless service by everyone involved in the story of its growth over the last 50 years. At the heart of the project are the tunes created by renowned highland fiddler and composer Adam Sutherland inspired by interviews with key, local, individuals on the subject of mountain rescue, capturing the changes over the years and many related stories, memories and insights leading to the development of Braemar Mountain Rescue." Brian Wood, Chairman, St Margaret's Trust, Braemar.

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