Adam Sutherland - The Road To Errogie Collection Volume 1

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(November 2016)

Contents: Argyle St Blue * Eroticon VI * Europarty * Friday The 13th * Garry Porch Of Avernish * Heather And Pete * Iris * J.J Finlay's * Last Train From Lanark * Mad Mike's * Meall Fuar Mhonaidh * Memories Of Fraser Shaw * My Dad Killed Christine Martin's Pig * Rigo's Rant * Rockfield Reel * Rosie Shand Of Grantown * Running To Mull * Squall * SUSHI 7 8 * Tallysow * The Broken Man And The Banker * The North Sider * The Road To Errogie * The Roybridge Reel * The Sly One * Thorb The Robot * Tony Bliar's Reel * Trip To The Market.

A collection of contemporary Scottish folk melodies from the pen of Loch Ness fiddler and composer Adam Sutherland.

Adam Sutherland comes from Errogie on the south shores of Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland.

In his late thirties, he is one of Scotland's most exciting fiddle players, composers and teachers in a thriving scene, drenched with talent.

This exciting tune book includes many of Adam's most popular tunes such as The Road to Errogie, No more Cages and a host of thrilling compositions from his fiddle workshops, solo album Squall and from his bands The Treacherous Orchestra and Nae Plans.

Well known photographer Somhairle MacDonald has taken fantastic photos of the Errogie area to illustrate the book. He is a very experienced photographer in producing traditional/ contemporary material for books having done several photoshoots for Feis Rois as well as fine illustrative work for other publishers.

His tunes have been recorded in many different parts of the world including Canada, USA, Ireland, Spain, Russia and even Korea, and also by artists including Brian Finnegan, Mike McGoldrick, Troy MacGillivray, Breabach, and many others.

The publisher acknowledges support from the National Lottery through Creative Scotland towards the publication of this title.

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