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(November 2018)

11 Tracks: The Wizard * Lupins In The Lairig / Calum And LB's / Katie Knight's Daughter * Emma's Waltz / Mairi Duncan Of Errogie * The Lada / The North-Sider * Tune For Hayley * Alap * Somhairie Dubh / Allan Thornton Frae Sydes Brae * Kevin Henderson * Sushi 7/8 * The Broken Man And The Banker * Dusk On Loch Ness.

An eagerly anticipated album from fiddle maestro Adam Sutherland.

Adam is one of Scotland's most talented fiddlers and won the 'Composer of the Year' at the 2017 Scots Trad Music Awards.

Adam has indicated that most of these melodies have been coming to the award winning composer in his sleep!

His unique arrangements on this album deftly weave together strands from diverse genres into a work featuring frenetic Scottish reels, subtly Balkan diversions to poignant slow airs all grounded on emotive, soulful melodies.

Adam fiddle), Marc Clement (guitar), John Paul Speirs (bass), Iain Copeland (drums), Hamish Napier (keyboards, vocals), John Somerville (accordion) and Steve Forman (percussion).

"Some Other Land refers to a different place. The place of dreams. Another realm, perhaps. Our own personal wilderness in which all of us roam each night. The place that dreams occur, thoughts collide and perhaps new ideas begin. The bulk of these melodies have come to me during my sleep, in a surprising new and regular occurrence in my musical journey. And so the common thread of this album has turned out to be music that has simply arrived, unbidden in my sleep. I don’t feel like I would ever have written tunes quite like these in my waking life, hence the need to describe the source as being from elsewhere, from out there, from some other land." Adam Sutherland.

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