Aberdeen Strathspey And Reel Society - Tuned To The North

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(April 2013) 15 tracks: Reels:The Duke of Perth / Lady McKenzie Of Coul / Highland Lassie / Lass O'Gowrie * Two Step:The Six Twenty Two Step / The Bonanza Two Step * Waltz:John Robertson's Scottish Waltz * Strathspeys:Forbes Morrison / MacKenzie Hay / The Laird O'Thrums * Slow Air: James Logan OBE (Duet by G Middler and A Kain) * Jigs: Peter's Peerie Boat / Balcomie House / Miss Anne Jamieson / Edmund MacKenzie Of Plockton * March, Jig And Reel: Iain MacPhail's Welcome To Shetland / Murray River Jig / Bowing The Strings (performed by our Junior Section) * Two Step: Jake McKay's Two Step * March Strathspey And Reel: The 74th Farewell To Edinburgh / The Kirrie Kebbuck / The Bride's Reel * Slow Air: Cluny Castle * Junior Strathspey And Reel Society March And Hornpipe:Highland Barndance / Trumpet Hornpipe * Pipe Marches:Farewell To The Creeks / Brigadier Snow (Soloist S Mackintosh) * Irish Jigs: Sweet Biddy Daly / Roaring Jelly / Over the Water / The Irish Hut / Father O'Flynn / The Irish Washerwoman * Slow Air, March, Jig And Reel:Loch Tay Boat Song / Hunter's Hill / Gordon B Cosh / Miss Jean C Milligan (performed by K Morrice, L Mountford, P Tees and P Murray) * Reels:Miss E Purcell's Favourite / Bill Cochrane / Miss Mary Douglas / C M Hall.

The first album released on CD from the Aberdeen based orchestra, recorded at BBC Beechgrove Studios in Aberdeen.

A fine selection of tunes, including jigs, march, strathspey, reels and slow airs.

A highlight is the rendition of the slow air "James Logan Esq" composed by Andrew Fitchett.

This tune "James Logan Esq" was commissioned on the death of the society's vice president. James Logan OBE did much for the Arts Of Scotland and he was proud of his association with the Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society.

The main aim of the society is to preserve traditional Scottish music.

You can sense the sheer enjoyment of music making from the players, skilfully conducted by Graham Reid.

"Something gets to the heart of fiddlers when they are presented with a set of jigs to play en masse and there's no doubt the members of the Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society have excelled themselves on that score....It's a cracker!" (Robbie Shepherd).

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