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(June 2014)

17 Tracks: Daughter, Daughter Whistle * The Seven Gypsies * The Maid's Lament * The Husband With No Courage In Him * The Trees They Do Grow High * The Turtle Dove * Reynardine * The Soldier And The Maid * The Foggy Dew * The Maid On The Shore * Brigg Fair * The Bird In The Bush * The Cuckoo * The Isle Of Cloy * Do Me Ama * The Handsome Cabin Boy * Greenland Bound.

Fellside's fifth collection of A.L. (Bert) Lloyd recordings with seventeen tracks loosely based on the theme of 'love songs'.

Although the Folk Revival had barely got underway in the UK during the early 1950s the seeds were being sown and singers such as A L (Bert) Lloyd and Ewan MacColl were making recordings.

Most of these recordings were made in England for the American market usually under the auspices of Kenneth Goldstein.

Goldstein was on a mission to make available to scholars, lecturers and instructors in the field of folklore, balladry and English literature, recordings of the great traditional ballads appropriate for use in classroom and lectures.

Remastered and compiled by Paul Adams.

Lloyd's straightforward presentation - often unaccompanied - remains a focal point in getting in to the songs, letting the songs themselves tell the story and is an object lesson for aspiring singers.

A.L. Lloyd (vocals), Alf Edwards (English concertina), Ralph Rinzler (mandolin), Steve Benbow (guitar).

"With informative sleeve notes by Fellside's Paul Adams together with original song notes by Bert Lloyd, Turtle Dove (subtitled England and Her Traditional Songs Vol. 2) is presented as another invaluable collection of historic recordings. As with the four previous releases, England and Her Traditional Songs, Ten Thousand Miles Away, An Evening with A.L. Lloyd and Bramble Briars and Beams of the Sun, this collection makes a fine addition to a growing collection of material that serves both folk scholars and casual listeners alike." Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky.

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