A L Lloyd - Ten Thousand Miles Away

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(November 2008) 39 tracks

This double CD celebrates Bert Lloyd's 100th birthday, with one disc of English folk songs and another of Australian songs.

The songs were recorded in the 1950s. A L 'Bert' Lloyd was one of the architects of the English Folk Revival.

Most of the tracks have never been on CD before.

A L Lloyd (vocals) with Alf Edwards (concertina), Peggy Seeger (guitar, banjo), John Cole (harmonica), Ralph Rinzler (mandolin), Al Jeffery (banjo, harmonica) and E L Rewald (guitar).

CD1 (The English Songs): Lord Bateman * The Shooting of His Dear * Down in Yon Forest * The Bitter Withy * The Indian Lass * The Oxford Tragedy * The Girl With the Box on Her Head * The Coast of Peru * The Unfortunate Rake * The Bonny Bunch of Roses * The Death of Bill Brown * Jackie Munroe * Lord Franklin * The Bloody Gardener * The Cockfight * The Grand Conversation on Napoleon * The Dark-Eyed Sailor * Died for Love.

CD2 (The Australian Songs): A Thousand Miles Away * Flash Jack from Gundagai * Lachlan Tigers * The Cockies of Bungaree * South Australia * The Banks of the Condamine * Bluey Brink * The Overlander * The Flash Stockman * The Wild Colonial Boy * Brisbane Ladies * Bold Jack Donahue * The Shearer's Dream * The Derby Ram * Click Go the Shears * The Maryborough Miner * The Drover's Dream * Euabalong Ball * The Road to Gundagai * The Castlereagh River * The Lime-Juice Tub.

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