A L Lloyd - Bramble Briars And Beams Of The Sun

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(July 2011) 33 tracks

Double CD of English and Scottish ballads.

In the early 1950s A L Lloyd set about recording English versions of the great Folk Ballads to be found in Francis J Child’s five volume monumental work ‘English & Scottish Popular Ballads’. The complete set of recordings is on this new double CD collection.

Disc 1: Scarborough Fair * The Outlandish Knight * Bold Sir Rylas * The Banks Of Green Willow * Lord Bateman * The Cherry Tree * Herod And The Cock * Dives And Lazarus * Lord Thomas And Fair Eleanor * Fair Margaret And Sweet William * The Unquiet Grave * George Collins * Long Lankin * The Prickly Bush * The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter * Robin Hood And The Tanner.

Disc 2: * Robin Hood And The Bold Pedlar * Sir Hugh * Gypsies O * Geordie * Robin Hood And The Bishop Of Hereford * The Daemon Lover * The Lover's Ghost * Henry Martyn * The Devil And The Ploughman * The Golden Vanity * The Dover Sailor * The Bramble Briar * Six Dukes Went A-Fishing * The Shooting Of His Dear * The Bold Fisherman * The Bitter Withy * Down In Yon Forest.

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