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March 2024

14 Tracks: Sailing Away * Back On The Rock * What Became Of The Renden * Luskintyre * I'm Going Home * Plenty Days * Stornoway Downtown * Kenny Fags And His Red Guitar * When I Was Young * Sticklebacks * Dalmore * Days * Saturday Night * Sailing Away.

An eagerly anticipated second album from singer/songwriter, Norman Paterson.

The songs are all set in Stornoway 1960/70s, wordsmith Norman shares his memories and experiences growing up in the Outer Hebrides.

Track 7- Stornoway Downtown:
"Do you remember Stornoway downtown
When all the country buses would come from miles around
Off would pour the passengers onto Cromwell Street
And if you had a sweetheart that's where you'd meet."

Includes a booklet with song lyrics and a Glossary. The stunning artwork is by local artist Heather Afrin and designed by Calum Hadden.

Norman Paterson (vocals, guitar), Willie Campbell (acoustic, electric guitar, backing vocals), Stephen Drummond (accordion), DC MacMillan (drums), Keith Morrison (keyboards, piano), Scott Macleod (additional electric guitar).

"Stornoway in the 1960/70’s was an exciting and lively place to grow up in. If this album brings back happy memories of that time then we will have done good work" Norman Paterson.

"Drawn from deeply personal roots and universally recognisable memories and enfolded in unfussy but infectious hummable melodies, this is a hugely listenable and relatable album that should have little problem in repeating the debut's inclusion in year-end best-of lists." Mike Davies KLOF mag.

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